A survey on REIT Investors in Hong Kong

25 August 2022

For the full survey results, please click here .


The Hong Kong REITS Association Limited unveiled the results of an online survey on Hong Kong individual investors’ investment behaviour. The findings of the survey revealed that: 

  • Asset appreciation, secure source of income after retirement, and capital guarantee are the three major investment goals of Hong Kong investors.
  • Currently, only 8.5% individual Hong Kong investors invested in REITs. Over half identified “not familiar with Hong Kong REITs” as the major reason for not interested in REITs, while “high dividend payout” is the most attractive reason for those interested.
  • After learning about the characteristics of REITs, 46% of the respondents indicated a likelihood to invest in REITs in the next 12 months, with an expected return of 6.3% on average.